University of Zaragoza

In this occasion we present you the Area of Sports of the University of Zaragoza which organize several events during the year, using our platform AvaiBook Sports to manage them, like the smokeless race for example, a race that all years overcome the thousand of participants. Diego Álvarez, director of the Area of Facilities, is one of our more proactive clients and he helps us a lot improving the platform. Diego clarifies that what he likes more of AvaiBook Sports and how it has helped him in its management work is the respect.

"From the first event organized by the Area of Sports of the University of Zaragoza, AvaiBook Sports has given facilities and we receive personalized treatment. In all moment AvaiBook has welcomed of good grade, suggestions and proposals of improvement, to adapt the platform to growing needs, contributing with a great versatility through a constant evolution. Also, AvaiBook has had the sensibility of collaborating with the Events Unizar with high solidary component as Basketball 3 against 3 of Unicef."

Alos Diego points out that "Unizar Sports began to work with AvaiBook for popular races, in particular, the smokeless Race, since that moment we use the platform for all the Events Unizar: RodenoBTT, Balocesto 3 against 3, Night Race, Campus Pilates. In all the cases, Unizar Sports count on with their own websites and we include the iframes of AvaiBook, so the participant doesn't have to leave our page web to make her inscription, see itself in the listing of participants or downloading the classifications and the diplomas. We also want to highlight the professionalism, deep understanding of the necessities of sport events and the direct and human" treatment.

For AvaiBook Sports is very pleasing to have clients like the University of Zaragoza, that in one time, also supposes a commitment to continue working and to be in constant it improves.

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Diego Alvarez

Facilities Area  Director