Patronato Deportes City of Ayamonte

It is an honor to present the Patronato Deportes city of Ayamonte in the zone of Huelva. They work with our management platform since 2013, and they organize the Half Marathon City of Ayamonte , the Fun Run "Virgen de las Angustias", the Triathlon Isla Canela, the swimming crossing to Guadiana River and the miles of Guadiana.

First working with AvaiBook Sports, on the Patronato Deportes they took the inscriptions " with a database one by one by hand , registrations were made by phone and participants made the payments the event's day" until they met our sporting events management system. "Working with AvaiBook Sports allowed me to expedite the delivery of dorsal to the participants, giving them greater information about the event , we have updated the list of registered, assigning automatically a number when they register , sending mass communications to participants , publishing rankings the day of the event, and enable participation diplomas that the enrollees can downloaded once the event finishes. "

Continue commenting that "with AvaiBook Sports I avoid to spend an extra time with the inscriptions, and the participant has immediately the inscription justifying and he knows the dorsal number assigned ."

Finally , they conclude stressing that " what I value most is the control system of payment of registration, so we don't need to spend time with inscriptions and can devote time to other organization things for the event. Human resources you need to use for inscriptions are minimal if you have a platform like AvaiBook Sports " .

Thanks to clients like Patronato Deportes City of Ayamonte, AvaiBook Sports continues to improve every day and keep working to make it happen 🙂

Board Sports City of Ayamonte

Area Manager