e3 Sports Promotion

In this successful case, we have the pleasure to show up the team of e3 Sport Promotion: David Pérez, Javier Aparicio and Luis Rodríguez Utrera who organize several sport events as "We Run City of Parla" or the noted "Circuit Duathlón Cross e3", composed by 8 duathlons.

As they comment us, "before, we took the inscriptions with another platform, but AvaiBook Sports it improved us the conditions and it provided us more functionalities of those than we used until that moment, as the automatic assignment of numbers, the automatic mail to the participants when they register and many other advantages."

About the benefits of using AvaiBook Sports, they tell us that "it has been renewed our page web that they have made us from AvaiBook Sports, something that has improved the image of our company in Internet. It also has a very simple panel of using to create events or to modify them, and for the most habitual operations. Our webface to the user is very simple, and also of face to ours inscribed."

To conclude, the e3 friends comment us that "that what we like it more is that AvaiBook Sports is involved with their clients, and to the moment to request improvements or new proposals always analyze them and they make them. The perfect example is the panel that they have made us to manage the punctuations of our Circuit of Duathlon Cross e3 that saves us a lot of time. They are always open to listen new proposals."

In AvaiBook Sports we are charmed of working for clients like e3 Sport Promotion, and we will continue improving so every time they feel more comfortable when managing its events. Thank for all, friends.

David Pérez

e3 Team