We introduce you to Juan Carlos, technician of DIVA - Group of Development of the Valley of Ambroz - that has the purpose of giving to know the District by means of the Magic Autumn that includes sport and cultural activities (more information in www.visitambroz.com).

Juan Carlos and DIVA organize the hiker march "Forests of Ambroz", a great hiker march that congregates more than 1000 lovers of this activity, and from a couple of editions they use AvaiBook Sports for the management of its event.

Juan Carlos tells us his experience organizing the previous editions of the march, "before, we took everything manually, people came directly to pay in cash and we took the listings in an Excel file, and it was quite complicated of managing." He also told us that "it has been hard to us to pass from the manual inscriptions to the online inscriptions, but we know that it is the most reliable and valid form to organize such a big event. To the one who more he finds difficult it is old people, but there are more benefits that difficulties".

About the benefits of using AvaiBook Sports, he highlights "mainly a bigger control of the information and the payments, besides the diffusion that you give to the event. We no longer have to repeat all the information to each participant because it is published in the webpage of the event that you provide us". Also "I can manage the information in any moment, it is very simple the using and I don't depend on being calling to AvaiBook to make anything."

To conclude Juan Carlos adds that "what I like it is the excellent attention to the client, you are always behind to lend a hand. There are computer questions that we don't know how to make but you are always right there to help us."

In AvaiBook Sports we are charmed of working for clients like Juan Carlos and DIVA's friends. Thank you for your trust!

Juan Carlos

Technician of DIVA