Canary Surf Federation

The Canarian Surf Federation celebrates 20 years and has been organizing the Canarian Surfing Circuit since 2003. There are 20 tests per year that are made on all the Canary Islands from January to December, everything is managed by 5 people who work voluntarily , serving to about 1000 associated.

Adrian Garcia , secretary of the Surfing Canary Federation- explains how AvaiBook Sports helps him with federal tickets, as with each of the events circuit. "Before using AvaiBook Sports we had no data about the competitors and we couldn't begin testing on Saturday morning and now that problem has stopped to exist. With AvaiBook Sports we have the list of participants on the previous Friday, and the database is very complete. In addition, "Economically they speed up much obtaining the money of the inscriptions when we need it ."

Regarding the online management of federal tickets , Adrian says that " for the athlete is much easier to federate , and especially much faster. In addition always on hand the tab and the insurance information that can consult in case of accident (in the email of the athlete). And accounting has all the information, invoices, profit analysis , etc ... always available which greatly facilitates the work of control " .

In AvaiBook Sports We are delighted to have customers like Adrian and the Canarian Surfing Federation , which help us to improve the platform , and look forward to having them for long.

Adrián García

Secretary of the Canary Surf Federation