Atades, Tutelar Welfare Association of Disabled Intellectuals, is a private entity, oriented as primary focus and generic  to assistance and protection of disabled intellectuals throughout their life. Non Profit , its scope includes the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

Beatriz Giménez , responsible for fundraising in Atades , tells us the great help when they use AvaiBook Sports management platform:

"From Atades, we launched for a second consecutive year the Carrera Solidaria por un Nuevo Cole whose management is conducted with AvaiBook Sports.

In year 2015 about 1,500 people participated in a race in which people with and without intellectual disabilities shared a day of sport and solidarity.

Counting on Avaibook Sports in the face of the challenge of organizing one race is for us a great help and a safe success in collecting inscriptions.

They prepared a very complete web but very easy to manage for inexperienced organizers like us ; It is very intuitive and easy to use , allows you to be constantly updating the data, sponsors , send multiple messages to registered and the inscriptions are available everymoment in addition to an analysis of the data.

The team behind besides being great professionals, highlight your great kindness and patience facing the consultations we do to them.

Congratulations for your work and thanks to Atades for your support and their new school. "

The AvaiBook Sports team appreciates the confidence that customers as the organization of ATADES has placed in our service.

We work daily with our customers to make our tools works efficiently and so they can get the maximum performance and benefit in the process of managing their inscriptions.

Beatriz Giménez

Responsible of Fundraising